Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Yay! We Have Shelves

After unsuccessful attempts to buy marine plywood in Wickes and Homebase, I settled for 6mm MDF to make the shelves that are dramatically going to increase my wardrobe  space.  Have you been in Homebase lately to buy anything remotely DIY based?  It's a joke with acres of floor space devoted to trinkets and ornaments rather than manly sheets of wood. Anyway after attempt number two we have shelves that are way more substantial than the abominations that I knocked up last week.  They even have lintels to finish them off.  I have just been promoted to the handywoman status of Bob the Builder's girlfriend Wendy and am really rather chuffed with myself.

So now, weird experiments are going on at the soon to be vacated Lovelygrey cottage and in the adjacently parked Klaus. All the clothes that I plan to take with me are now in the motorhome just to see if I've got the right stuff and the storage space is sufficient. I'm nipping out to the van to get dressed!  And remember that halogen cooker?  Well, it's in the kitchen being used in test mode to bake, steam and roast stuff.  Here's some beautiful cooked belly pork from the other evening served on a bed of shredded greens, mushrooms and peas in oyster sauce.  Anyone who thinks our food offering are going to be compromised once less conventional cooking techniques become unavailable to us are sadly wrong!


  1. Great job with the shelves!
    Oh that belly pork looks so good.

  2. I keep checking back to see progress on the van. I do hope you will do a whole tour of it when it is finished. I would love a caravan or a motorhome. How exciting

  3. Well done you!

    And what Sol says.