Monday, 10 November 2014

2014 Spending Rules Revised!

In this transitional period of my life I thought it would be a good idea to review the spending rules for 2014 that I set myself at the beginning of the year.  There's no much to say really.  Up to now I've still been a sod when it comes to clothes buying. Pretty garb has always been a weakness.  Those after work tipples haven't gone away entirely either. I'd like to say that they're sometimes needed but that would be suggesting a modicum of dysfunctionality that I don't like admitting to! There's been one book, a very obscure occupational therapy text that I need for my studies that wasn't held in the university library. And I suppose that the wildly useful halogen oven that has expanded my motorhome culinary repetoire big time counts as a kitchen gadget. Surely these can be excused my honour?

The rules have to change big time anyway now so that adapting to living in a much smaller space. They are now very simple to avoid me becoming the subject of one of the reality TV decluttering programmes where a concerned psychologist has to make a tunnel  through my possessions to get to the bathroom at the back of the van.  Now the new law states that 'every new acquisition over and above food, cleaning products, presents, consummables and van spares , however small and seemingly trivial, must be thought about carefully and then purchases 'fessed on this blog'.  There!  That should stop me in my tracks.  The first week saw some major shopping for things that I'd forgotten to put in a motorhome,that now functions as a proper home rather than a holiday getaway.  Here's what I bought.

  • A plastic jug, new spatula and small flat set of scales for the kitchen.
  • Extra tea towels
  • An Angry Birds dressing gown for Lou so that he can run to the shower block and back in comfort.
  • New bras and tights for me.
  • Reading glasses to replace my broken prescription pairs.  There's a story here I may come to later!
  • A 15 tog duvet as I was getting chilly at night.
  • And of course, our angelic pocket things from the Abbey!
Aside from some washing line pegs, there's thankfully nothing else planned for a while.  I'll keep you informed if I deviate though. Honest!


  1. I have a sticker in my purse that asks me "do you need it?" where the card slot is. Amazon is my down fall. my card is already programmed. and when the book disappears on to my kindle it is like it didnt happen. Amazon is my dangerous place... a pit in to which I throw my money

  2. Like the idea of the card! I don't have a Kindle but will be buying Louis one for Christmas so that he can watch stuff from Amazon Prime and read. Have an inkling that it may be a money pit! x