Sunday, 23 November 2014

Answers, Answers, Answers: Get Out the Hula Hula Skirts!

Good Morning from the positively tropical space that is my motorhome.  Hula hula! My compact Silvercrest heater from Lidl does the job of heating it up  in minutes. What's more it has a remote control so that I can turn it on from my bedroom space and warm the place up before I get up. How genius is that! Some moaning minis are actually griping on about it getting too hot in here.

This nicely answers the first of the questions that people were asking me about motorhome life that I posted just over a month ago.  You'll remember that  I had some others of my own.  I thought it would be a good idea if today, I shared some of the solutions to those conundrums.

Q: The homework one:
A: Louis can do his homework anywhere.  The problem isn't so much around physical space but whether he remembers to actually write what he's got in his student planner. That's as much of a problem at the relatively baronial pad that is his dad's home.  Aaaargh!   He's terribly disorganised and, whilst lots is down to being an excitable 11 year  old, some of it is an SpLD thing.  We're working with the school to fix it.

Q: The mass murder one:
A: According to my son, who shares my love of metaphor, I am like 'a fluffy bomb'. He elaborated on this because I was at odds to understand.  'Very kind, but once it's gone off you know about it.'  I guess that's about right. There haven't been any of those rare incendiary incidents yet. In spite of the homework difficulties we're not getting on each other's nerves.  Far from it.  Extra time has been freed up to enjoy playing games, practising magic tricks with the new set of marked cards that I bought on the ferry....and dancing. Yes, we've established that there's enough more than enough room to boogie together in here!

Q: The madness one:
A: Four weeks into this experiment and I'm even more sure that it was a sane rational thing to do. What's more this way of life has ongoing benefits for maintaining mental well-being. Some of the time saved from the demands of living in a proper home has gone towards re-establishing my meditation practice, for instance.

Q: The beast with two backs one:
A: Someone commented on my original post that this was not an issue.  Thanks for that. I'll have to take your work for it as there's been no firsthand verification.  There again, wouldn't be reporting back if there was!

Q: The bread and cake one:
A:Here's my first baking attempt in the halogen oven, spelt soda loaf, knocked up because I seemed to be in the only place in France without an operational boulangerie. Yum! It went jolly nicely with the only things that have been killed in the motorhome.  Not in temper I'll add. Some  langoustines from the market met their maker in a pan of boiling water.

Q: The TV Licensing One:
A:  The peeps got back to me and yes, I still have one. Once I get round to all the address changing it'll be registered c/o the house where I'm conducting my postally necessary virtual menage a trois with the two gay men and their dog.

Q: The Gadget One
A: The sewing machine is kept in my free underdesk storage space at work.  It'll stay there with my ski stuff until someone officious gives me a bollocking!  Alas I decided that there was no room for the Magimix.  A handheld grater, stick blender and electric whisk are acceptable substitutes.

Q: The Water One:
A: I top up the water tank of my van with, get this, a watering can.  Duh!  Why I couldn't think  of this simple solution before I'll never know.  Some bloke at the camping shop said it should be made of food grade plastic.  It's probably those phthalate thingies that it was so important that Lou's baby bib didn't contain.  I'll take my chances.  Death by watering can?  I really don't think so!

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  1. More time is a great trade off for less space...and less cake is good for your waistline!