Friday, 28 November 2014

Confession Time

You saw my motorhome the other day didn't you? It is no way minimalist but as I've already mentioned, to keep it cosy and not cluttered, I must be extremely careful not to fill it with 'stuff' otherwise I'd be tunnelling to put the kettle on in the very near future. That's why I revised the 2014 spending rules, saying that I would kiss and tell about anything that I bought that was out of the ordinary. Somewhere, stored in a barn in Buckfastleigh, I have a beautiful perfectly weighed corkscrew.  The one in the van was all bent and twisted and not fit for purpose at all. I've replaced it with this cleverly designed Le Creuset number. It's a pleasure to use.

Three dresses from Asda including this soft skater dress seem to have spirited themselves into my wardrobe.  There was a similar one in their collection last year that I love to pieces. I am a very wayward clothes horse who's used the excuse that frocks take up less room in the laundry basket than an outfit made up of separate and so fit better with van life. Hmm!  Not sure if this wears.  To atone for sin I must get rid of three other clothing items in wardrobe and take them to the charity shop.

And finally, new combs for our Wahl Clipper.  Some have gone missing over the last few months and the grade 5 one broke.  It the one that I now favour, after last year's bizarrely fortutious bad hair day accident taught me that going shorter was way funkier.  And funky I like!  By the way, hair cuts in the van, that I thought were going to make a right royal mess are stress free.  I have an old sheet that I spread on the floor of the bathroom and when I'm done I just throw the clippings outside.  Simples.  Lovelygrey hair is probably lining a mouse nest near here as a consequence.

So there we have it.  The naughty list.  Not shopaholic by any means but could do better  Let's hope that December's buying tally is even more reined in!

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  1. Poor quality tools make any job a misery, so no need to apologise for them! Actually, no need to apologise for anything, unless to yourself, if you feel your spending has got out of hand...the dress is lovely, by the way!