Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Cut Off from Civilisation!

Image; Beatrice Coron
The image today has only a tenuous link to the subject being discussed but the work of papercutter, Beatrice Coron,  is way prettier than a picture of a pair of scissors or a knife! One of the questions that I forgot to ask myself before I moved into the motorhome was pretty crucial.  What was my phone  and Internet access going to be like?  After all, as David Cameron knows himself, it can be pretty patchy down here in the South West.  Luckily all is usually well. The strength of the signal here at the campground is good enough to tether two laptops at the same time.  Crucial for doing homework and everything else really.  Remote access to my work system, which involves shedloads of security, interestingly seems better here than from my previous BT superfast broadband landline.

Last night though was a different picture.  Aril, from Gnat Bottomed Towers introduced me to the idea of a first world problem in a comment on one of my post after suffering the other day. I'm liking it.  The little hitch that I had, certainly was one of those.  I had no phone signal from Three, except for emergency calls, for the entire evening.   What made it more annoying was that the final call that I received before I was cut off was from the phone provider themself trying to hard sell me an i-Pad  contract that I did know I needed. The annoying man at the other end of the line  had other ideas and thought it was the missing link in my life!

 Like the lady that lost her glasses outside Specsavers and the person who was bitten by their hamster, I did think of dialling 999 and telling them that my Internet was down but decided against it. Thank goodness I'm able to screen out some of the stupid ideas that come to mind.   The multi-functionality of my phone never ceases to amaze me and I'm in awe of how it now saves me carrying about a phone, radio, organiser or camera.  I no longer have to buy  CDs, music, newspapers, photo albums either.  All very useful when it's all tickettyboo.  When it's not, there's the potential to be very stuffed indeed!

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