Monday, 3 November 2014

Everything I Need: Not Quite and More

Louis arrives after school today to begin his own adventure  in Klaus the Knaus, our motorhome.   Even though he got back to the UK on Saturday afternoon it was felt that an extra weekend at his dad's place would do no harm.  It gave me time to sort out the van a bit more and do the work that I'd had to bring home. Somewhere along the line I fitted in a party and a lovely Dartmoor walk too.    Lou visited briefly with his present from Portugal, this chunky terracotta spoon rest.  It's already been put to good use so has earned its keep in the motorhome. Just!

Newly freed up time has meant that I've got back into the habit of reading.  Of course it's a good one to have. My book at the moment was a past bestseller,  Viktor Frankl  was a holocaust survivor who spent three years in concentration camps including Auchwitz.   Man's Search For Meaning is about how humans make sense of life, even when their existence is at its most brutal, and thus find reason to continue living.   It's a beautiful read,  needless to say, powerful and  thought provoking stuff.  Frankl talks about entering the first camp with nothing no even the hair on his body, as detainees were completely shaved.  We have so much in comparison yet are often grumpy when confronted with the slightest discomfort.  I remembered that when I couldn't queue bust and get my dirty laundry in the one and only working washing machine yesterday.

As I predicted I'm already finding that some of the things that I thought I needed are redundant or annoying to have around.  Saving money by using electricity, which is included in the cost of the pitch, was on my mind when I brought along the Dualit kettle.  But it has to be moved every time I want to use the cooker or sink so it's going to the under desk storage area.  A few more clothes are off to the charity shop.   My tight, sock and underwear collection has been pared down.  I could do with a couple more bras, a measuring jug and shoe polish for my walking boots though.  Some binoculars for wildlife watching and general nosiness would be lovely but they can wait and be an extra special treat.

Last week was immensely hard work but it's been worth it as I'm content, cosy and already time richer, as evidenced by the fact that I now have my nose in a paperback. Everything that I need in this 6 x 2 metre space.  My wish list just contains wants that I could get by without.    I'd already sussed that there is way more to life than the constant accumulation of 'stuff'.  So many don't realise this but I am one of those blessed to have worked this out.


  1. Just wanted to say 'hello' (hate being a lurker, it can seem rather voyeuristic at times). Have a small van but are trading up to a 'proper' motorhome next year, although not for full-time. Am finding your posts fascinating, thank you.

    (and totally agree "there is way more to life than the constant accumulation of 'stuff'" - any chance you could convince my husband of that simple fact?)

  2. Yes (as you already know) I am so with you on this ...

    Just sitting here in south of France with laptop and crochet, just about to download another ebook to read. It really is a hard life!! Enjoy your experience. X

  3. Thanks for kind comments Jane and Alison. I have books, needlepoint and laptop. Enough to keep me entertained these long winter evenings. Very jealous of South of France travels in van. x