Wednesday, 12 November 2014

I See the Sea

Here's another picture of my little mate, Bossy Bess, taken on our lovely afternoon out to Shaldon last month.  I needed a seaside photo for today's post and this one, capturing the beautiful autumnal light, will do  rather nicely.  I find watching waves akin to focusing on breathing in mindfulness, each one reliable in arriving on the beach but unique in its presentation.  It's therapeutic stuff, and at this, a super stressful time at work, I've been fortunate enough when dashing off to the coastal fringes of my patch to catch daily glimpses of the sea in motion and momentarily take stock.

I had hoped that the simple motorhome life might be established by now but everything has been too hectic. So I've come up with a cunning plan to fast track simplicity.  I've booked a week's leave on Friday I'll take the overnight Plymouth ferry and head off for the Breton coast.  It's easy to do these days.  After all I am like a snail and can unplug the hook-up and take my home with me at a moment's notice. None of that annoying packing that I had to do in the past.

With nothing else to disturb me, I intend to get on top of things by catching up with my studies, doing a bit of van maintenance and getting to grips with all that paperwork that results from a move.   It seems daunting at the moment but with time to get on with it and a coastal view from the window, it will be a breeze.  There'll  be plenty of opportunities for reading, walking, cycling, cooking and meditating too.  Probably I'll nap a bit to restore the batteries and almost certainly a jar or two will be consumed.  I'm going on my own but have no doubt that I'll bump into new people on the way.  It's not like me to stay solitary for long when I don't want to be!


  1. Nothing like the sea for calming meditation ( in its benign mode). May it be so when you take your trip!

  2. How cool to be able to up and leave. Brittany is so pretty as well.