Saturday, 1 November 2014

Inaugural Motorhome Meal: Sausage and Lentil Stew

I found my keys!  Yesterday morning I popped  back to the former Lovelygrey Cottage to see if they were inside.  No luck. After reading the meters I looked back at the house for the last time and decided to straighten the bins. And there they were. On top of the black one.  Sometimes my stupidity knows no bounds.  I might just as well have a big sign around my neck saying 'Rob Me'.  Luckily folks around these parts are honest geezers.

Yesterday evening was the first for a week that I got home at a reasonable time and could relax. Motorhome reorganisation can wait.  I wanted some proper homecooked nosh.  Now before I start givng away my culinary secrets I have rather a big confession to make.  Food was thrown out when I left Lovelygrey Cottage.  I tried to use up as much as I could before I went and gave lots away but still there was stuff over.  There is a big cloud of shame overhead and it's really made me rethink the whole store cupboard thing.  As part of the guilt assuaging process the motorhome cupboards are bursting with ingredients to use up.  Normally I wouldn't want to be carrying many dried goods and bottles.  Best crack on with using them up then!

Chop up an onion and dice a carrot and fry on a low heat in a really generous glug of olive oil.  After all there are two of those in the cupboard.  Add the last remaining rasher of chopped bacon in the fridge  and a clove of crushed garlic.  Slowly fry for about ten minutes and then add a pack of good quality sausages.

Once the sausages have browned and the onion is nicely caramelised chuck in a few handfuls of puy lentils.  Make sure you scatter some all over the floor as well. After all sweeping is good exercise. Add a tin of ludicrously expensive organic chopped tomatoes bought from a fancy deli shop on the way home and enough water to cover the lentils.  Season with salt, pepper and more paprika than you think is wise.  Cook until lentils are soft, topping up water if necessary.  Washing a bowlful of this done with a nice glass of cider is, of course, obligatory!


  1. Your meal sounded nice until you added the lentils! They taste of " dust" to me. It is good to find something that was lost isn't it? Have a good weekend.

  2. There you are, all settled in with a cooked meal and keys and everything. Life sounds good!

  3. That sounds a good combo- have only used lentils in veggie meals so far but am always up for a spot of experimentation. Huge bag from local Indian cash and carry to use so many thanks.

  4. So glad the keys were found! That sounds like just the right sort of homemade meal to celebrate.