Friday, 14 November 2014

Laying Down Memories with Passenger

Here's Passenger during his amazing concert at Plymouth Pavillions last night! He's only got one arm because there was a big bugger with a kid on his shoulders blocking our view.  Paparazzi I ain't! We were at the back of the standing area.  After all Scary Secretary is only little and I didn't want her getting squished.

Maybe I might have got a better picture if I'd persevered and taken more.  However I take heed of the research that suggests that we diminish the quality of the experience by taking photos at events.  So instead I listened intently, sang along, danced like an embarrassing mum during the boppy bits and whooped in the same way that you can hear if you listen closely to Leonard Cohen's Live in London CD.  To the relief of my colleagues I might not have a voice left this morning as a consequence.

Anyway thank you Passenger for a fabulous evening. You can be sure that there were many people in the audience, who like me, have taken away beautiful memories that will stay with us for years to come.   Here's his cover of Sound of Silence.  He did it justice last night.

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