Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Lightening Up for Tuesday

Frances yesterday commented that my post yesterday was a bit deep so, for her, I'm ringing the changes with some humour, albeit of the black nature.  Since childhood, I've loved the work of Giles, who I see hails from Islington, the same part of London as my dad.  That made him a Cockney as well then.

Compilation annuals of his cartoons arrived in our family home at Christmas so there was a stack of them.  They're probably still in one of the overflowing cupboards somewhere.  My parents aren't really the decluttering type.  Some of the earlier copies dated back to the fifties, well before I was born.   They contain so much detail and often provide a historical record of bygone events in modern history as well.  My favourite image here is the kid sucking the kettle though  I'm particularly keen on Larry, the evil kid with the moptop who's pictured up to mischief in the bottom right corner.  And of course there's Grandma, who I'm happy to see is commemorated with a statue outside an office in Ipswich where Giles once worked.  As you can see, she's priceless!

Images:  A Celebration of Giles


  1. Mum and Dad bought my first Giles Annual way back, think it was number seven, as a Christmas present. I then used to get a copy each year for over 30 years. Some years ago when de-cluttering though I might make a killing on Ebay but then spotted piles of them going for 50p each on the bookstall in Great Yarmouth market so abandoned that idea! Still have the first one they bought though - great cartoonist and so funny.

  2. Haha…yes this is more my level first thing ( actually it is 8.10am as I write, so not very " first thing" ) in the morning. I remember Giles , though I don't think my parents took the Daily Express, so not sure why I know the cartoons so well! Grandma is brilliant. Hope you are snug in your van. Another frost here this morning…I am going to find my very warm long coat for dog walk shortly.

  3. We used to have some Giles jigsaws in the 70s - I loved them.