Sunday, 30 November 2014

My New Garden

I love gardens and, if invited, will quite happily spend  hours in one admiring all that clever planting and landscaping.  It's even better if someone pops a nice glass of Pimms or gin and tonic into my hand. A chilled wine would also do the trick. In fact my current profile picture was taken just after my gorgeously attentive friend Mr Metrosexual had done just that whilst I was sitting in the beautiful space that he's devoting thousands of hours to creating behind his house.

As I've mentioned before, gardening itself is an altogether different beastie.  I don't know where to start and find it bewildering and yes, stressful. There's a few of you green fingered lot out there who I expect will find that hard to believe. Giving up a patch of ground that I was responsible for tending when I moved into the motorhome isn't a hardship at all.  It was a cause of celebration.  Instead of the scrubby piece of lawn I used to fret over, a much better outside space that's less than a minute from my door is available

Just a few yards away from my motorhome I belatedly discovered a few days ago, a path between hedges down to a gate.  This leads out onto a road and just opposite, over a stile, there's this riverside footpath through the fields.  Isn't it a glorious resource? Lou and I took our lunch down there last weekend and as we were munching we saw a heron really close up. We're hoping to bag a kingfisher as well.  Although I saw a belted one on the Madison River in Yellowstone I've never seen the English variety.  I did lie once and say that I'd spotted the one that another person was pointing out to me.  Perhaps that fibbing will bugger things up from a Karma perspective and the consequence will be that I won't clap eyes on one in this lifetime!

The fact that it's not my job to maintain the boundary fence and stop it from getting overgrown makes my joy complete.  No matter that it's not for my exclusive use.  It's lovely to share it with other people and often their soggy dogs as well. Just because I don't own this land that I'm now using as my garden doesn't mean that I enjoy it less.   As I've said before, with ownership comes responsibility.  Shedding some of that is one of the things that is making this experiment in living with less such a successful one.


  1. What a gorgeous space to have right on your doorstep - and no grass to cut!

  2. You have to be very quick to see a kingfisher..blink and you miss it! I have seen them on our local river and was lucky enough once to be only a few yards away from one on a branch. They usually fly very fast and close to the water.

  3. Perfect..park your home by a wonderful view and just enjoy it!

  4. Two black thumbs here as well. With every post I'm envying your choice of dwelling a bit more. The view must be fuel for you to keep on with your dissertation.

  5. Thanks all. Between advances in essay word count I had another walk out there today. Glorious x