Thursday, 20 November 2014


When I showed off my lovely home on wheels the other day I mentioned that there were little hitches and glitches. Of course, they're inevitable. The trick is not to let them override the good stuff as life's way too short even if you do believe that you get extra cracks at it.  Reiki Ray reckons I've been reincarnated fifty two times! Words of alleged wisdom from that daft bugger are definitely taken with a pinch of salt. Sometimes I'm clueless enough to feel that I'm definitely here for the first time around.

I bet you're expecting a list of annoyances as long as your arm that might include that Scottish Widows-esque scurry to the communal showers each morning with that pretty umbrella that's back in my possession during more inclement times.  No! That's not bugging me. I find it funny.   Fetching and carrying water isn't getting my goat either.   I quite enjoy filling the tank with a couple of watering canfuls each day.  It's lead me to appreciate the H2O stuff as the precious  life sustaining commodity that it is, rather than something to be taken for granted when it's so freely available from the tap of a conventional plumbing system. Nor is that toilet emptying so bad. Again there's more appreciation of the relative ease with which I can dispense my waste in a world where many don't have adequate sewage systems and suffer ill health as a consequence.   I'm perfectly resigned also to the fact that I can't use my electric heater and the halogen cooker at the same time as it causes overload on my hookup. Strangely enough, that doesn't bother me anywhere near as much as it would if the same thing were to happen in a house.

My biggest gripe is the relative difficulty around cleaning clothes. A very first world problem indeed but one that has always been a personal bugbear since student days whenever I haven't had my own washing facilities. The dryers on the campsite launderette are inadequate for the job and washing line use is unfeasible in Devon's long autumnal and winter rainy season.  Have you ever wondered why it's so green in the county that I call my home? Well, there's your answer!  I've had to resort to laying out stuff in the cab in the daytime before I can put it away.   Not great given that damp is the biggest enemy of a motorhomer. The problem's  been rectified partially by dividing the wet clothes between the two drying machines  but at two pounds a pop on top of the three pounds for a wash it's an expensive old business.  A good old fashioned service wash might reduce the stress. Even if it's a little more expensive my stuff will come back beautifully folded.  I'm going to look into that when I get back home.

Other than that there's very little that's getting on the titties.  Well, okay  the frequency the floor has to be cleaned is a little annoying. Even if people take their shoes off on entering  it seems to get dirty way too quickly.  That can be sorted out though in the time it takes to boil a kettle.  Any untidiness makes me a bit snaky as well.  A small space can look skanky very quickly. That means small boys with their tendency to let things drop where gravity dictates have to be kept in check.

It's easy to iron out most problems just after they crop up.  The wardrobe has now been re-organised and clothes storage no longer presents a headache.  Stowage in the bathroom was getting way more messy than I liked so has been rethought.   Some bungees have been added to secure down things so they doesn't fall off the shelves when I move off and turn the first corner. And  I leave crockery  that I use often out on display so I'm not forever having to climb and root around in into cupboards.  Unlike when I was living in rental property I'm responsible for sorting out my own niggles. With complete control of my own surroundings they're much easier to fix!


  1. The service wash sounds like a good idea. Condensation was my biggest gripe when I lived in a caravan, I had to lift the mattress each morning to let the air circulate underneath, and have a window open.

  2. I read somewhere that you can always use a salad spinner for spinning undies but then you've got to find storage for the salad spinner! Arilx

  3. Yes, the service wash sounds a better prospect than wrecking your van to save a few pounds. You may find it more difficult to adjust when you go back into a house. We recently spent a week in a minute studio apartment, which was lovely...when we got back home, the space seemed weird!

  4. If I ever go back into a house.....! Laughed a lot at the salad spinner. It's not the undies that are the problem but bigger things like sheets and towels. Need to be a washer for an awfully big lettuce to do those! x

  5. I lived in my touring caravan for 5 years, although it was static on the edge of a private touring site (loved every minute) and yes - the service wash is the way to go. Initially I hated the thought of handing over my mucky washing to someone else, but gradually that wore off. It was cheaper than using the site facilities (though I loved the lovely showers and got quite ratty when the tourist season brought all these strangers into 'my' shower!) However, the service wash did bring an extra expense - I replaced greying undies faster than previously . . . blush!
    I'm a newcomer to your blog and it was the Motorhome that grabbed my attention, but I am now hooked and looking forward to following your future posts.