Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Petit Dejeuner: English Style!

Morning all!  After a night of raindrops drumming on my roof, I've woken up to the brightest and cheeriest of November days.  It might be a good one to cycle to a nearby church with an interesting artefact that I'm compelled to visit. My GPS says it's a 45 minute ride away.

Some resupply is needed too as I've eaten absolutely all my treats. A woman holed up in a van writing yet another 4,000 word essay needs that chocolate after all. Didn't Salty Dog tell me that cocoa stimulates the brain?  That's enough of an excuse for me to get through a bar at record breaking pace.  The local organic smoked trout on buttered crackers slipped down a treat as well.  I'm also going to have to rectify the problem of having no wine.  The idea that I'm going to have a  tea total holiday must be eradicated once and for all..  It never quite pans out.

As a single woman traveller I'm very comfortable in this part of France.  As I drive off the ferry it feels as if I'm coming home.  The Bretons are well mannered souls with a sense of humour that's in tune with my own.  I can now speak enough Franglais to have a natter when I'm out and about.  The food and music are great.  And I'm not hassled by letchy lotharios.   Mind you, that could just be it's because I'm now past the age where that is still a problem!

Even though I integrate quite happily, a foreigner in another land must retain some of the customs and traditions from their native country.  As such I'll always have a proper English style breakfast. We Brits are way more creative than our French cousins when it comes to the first meal of the day. Croissants and newly baked baguettes with butter and jam are, granted, very nice but a bit samey.  Don't these pan fried mushrooms laced with lardons of bacon on leftover toasted bread, all washed down with a big cup of Yorkshire tea, look way more tempting?


  1. Yum! Mushrooms on toast is one of my favourite things to eat, and the bacon craving never goes away!

  2. Everything you need...and a bike too!!