Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Right to be Left

Facebook keeps telling me that if I donate £19 to the Labour Party election campaign I'll get myself a limited edition bag with this wacky Grayson Perry lion on it.  It's based on a ceramic piece that he produced If I needed a tote I might be tempted as I'm liking its madness rather a lot.

But hang on! Didn't Ed Miliband pee me off big time in the summer when he posed on the cover of that free World Cup edition of The Sun. Well, in my eyes, he did redeem himself somewhat by refusing to play ball when the same paper cynically set up a 'Help for Heroes' photo opportunity. Poor Ed was lambasted by the people at that nasty rag at a consequence but maybe gained a bit of respect back from the inhabitants of Liverpool in doing so. However,  I'm still in a quandary about whether my historical party of choice will get my vote at the next  general election. They haven't always because in this true blue neck of the woods, I've attempted the tactical voting card more than once.  After the unspeakable decision that Nick Clegg made last time to allow the Liberal Democrats to form a coalition with the Tories  that's not ever going to happen again. I will be voting for the party that best fits my values and beliefs.  I'd like to think that could be Labour again but we'll see.

Although I absolutely 100% per cent view my van as a very acceptable and cosy home, to all intents and purposes I have no fixed abode.  I was wondering whether that would make voting rather tricky. Yet it is a right that I want to retain even more than ever as I'd like to show that you don't have to be marginalised by adopting this non standard lifestyle.

The Citizen's Advice Bureau has published some useful advice about how to go about registering to vote as a homeless person.  It seems that I have to declare a local connection somewhere in order to do so.  Will that be in Teignbridge where I'll be moving between campsites, the South Hams where I work or Torbay where I eventually plan to live and where my post is sent?  Could I be tactical by registering in the area where the party I favour has the greatest chance of winning?  I'll update you on my decision and how easy the process is in practice when it's all been done and dusted.


  1. You could look at Nick Clegg's decision another way. Without the Lib Dems to keep the brakes on the Tories as far as they were able, what even more unspeakable things might they have pushed through? Lovee the bag though!

  2. Haven't seen that they've had much influence. If they have it's unimaginable what might have come to pass.

  3. Good luck with fathoming out which is the best way to make your vote count. I've tried tactical voting before, but it has never paid off, so I've reverted to going with my values and beliefs and with my conscience. I'm a Labour voter living in a Tory area but I console myself with the fact that I've never voted for the Tories in my life.

  4. Nor me Scarlet! Of that I'm proud x