Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Rising and Shining the Motorhome Way

A nice little AM routine is being established here in Klaus the Knaus.  It's taken a week to get going but now it's in place I can operate on autopilot for the first couple of hours in the day.  I start by popping down the ladder from my king sized bed that I've straightened before I've tumbled out of it, slippering and jumpering up, turn the heating on and then make myself a big vat of tea to kickstart the blogging process  Yes, those super sized Cornishware mugs came with me! Once I'm published I might sort out other bits and pieces of paperwork or messaging.

At 6:30, if he's here, I wake Lou.  I start by talking gently and kissing the little nose that pokes out of his duvet.  If that doesn't work, let the nagging commence! It usually has to. Meanwhile I'll get breakfast going.  It's usually tummy warming porridge but there are some oddities to ring the changes. Our camper van staple, baked bean soup, was on the menu last night and Lou likes  leftovers in the morning.  And why ever not? It's filling and healthy and I'm sure people in the Far East have soup for breakfast.

More fish wife shouty antics and Lou's dressed.  He's taken to reading if there's a bit of time over.  I run him up to the school bus stop in the car.  It is within walking distance but I'm using this as a bit of a carrot.  After all if I get too hair shirted about living here then he won't want to stay.

For me the morning is the time I'll do a few chores. Remember that question that I was asking myself about how to fill the water tank without moving  the van each time?  Well the solution was easy and cheap.  A long stemmed watering can does the trick.  Two trips over to the tap, a couple of pitches away, and I'm sorted.  Believe me, when you're carrying your water supply you think about every drop that you use.  I take over the rubbish as well and the grey water that collects in a washing up bowl.   The toilet needs emptying today, still not my favourite job.  This morning I'll probably give the bathroom a good clean too.  It'll take all of five minutes.

And then there's hygiene for I am not the grubby kind.  I nip over to the rather chilly bathroom block in a big thick dressing gown and my Birkies.  It's so good for the soul!  After a quick shower I dress in the warmth of the motorhome.  A  natty dress later, a few squirts of Chanel, some teeth cleaning and I'm done.  There! No-one would guess from my outward appearance that I live in a van.

I haven't forgotten that my motorhome makeover hasn't been revealed yet but it's always too dark to take pictures when I'm home.  Let me sort something out for you all at the weekend!

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  1. Sounds like you're bedding down into your new life style well. The teething problems although a PITA at the time will give your lateral thinking skills a good polish! I find that all the time with the very frugal lifestyle we enjoy over at GBT!