Friday, 5 December 2014

A Boy's Scribblings

I bundled up a whole load of papers for work yesterday.  This one was in there by mistake. Now, my handwriting is fairly dire.  A calligrapher I will never be. But it's not quite as bad as Lou's dyslexic scrawl.  I can make out most of it though and have to say that I found this little insight into what goes on in my boy's head quite moving.

It happens to be notes for homework for his Philosophy and Ethics class. I like the fact that Lou's school places a lot of emphasis on this subject.  Maybe it'll mean that although it's selective it won't just churn out greedy kids who have the sole ambition of making lots of money and looking after Number One.  Perhaps they might consider using their intelligence for the greater good of the world.My worst nightmare is that he will turn out to be a merchant banker - both literally and in the rhyming slang sense that I'm entitled to use being from Cockney stock.

The top section is what Lou believes.  He likes the concept of being an agnostic with all the sitting on the fence that entails.  I'm not sure what that middle line is about.  There's something about good in there  Here the writing really is illegible. The sooner he relies on electronic devices to communicate what he needs to say in print the better.  The bit about bullying is spot on though.

The second paragraph is what is important to him and there's lots of hope here!  His loved ones make top spot and there's no mention of material goods whatsoever.  I'm loving too that he's inherited his mother's wanderlust.  He'll go far in all senses of the word!

The bottom is how he perceives himself and I'll concur with his summation  - warts and all.  Most of the time his kindness shines through, especially when he's around little kids.  He has a bit of a gift with dealing with them.  And at least he recognises the fact that he leaves a trail of destruction in his wake.  Self awareness might be the first step to doing something about it.  Could he be ultra tidy by the time he's eighteen?


  1. Mine is ultra tidy but scatty as they come. He buys loads of stuff and spends all his wonga which drives me mad but he does masses for charity and is now very involved in various extra curricular activities like college council and tutor rep. He hates being in the limelight so just goes about it all quietly as do many of his friends. Some of them are as you fear but many are good souls. Arilx

  2. Doesn't sound like the list of a budding merchant banker to me...well done, Louis!

  3. Ah! You have a point Charlotte! x

  4. You must be proud, LG, he seems like a great kid!