Monday, 15 December 2014

A Festive Blip

I felt a bit lonely yesterday.  There I've  admitted it!  It's not an emotion that creeps up very often.  I'm unusually self-sufficient and have been from a tiny age.  Though I love the company of others I'm just as happy mooching around on my own, getting on whatever takes my fancy or mulling over the multitude of thoughts that pass through a head, that I'm told is busier than most.

It was probably shopping for  decorations on my own that did it. Maybe it felt like it should have been a job shared with a child? Christmas doesn't feature high on my radar  but I'm giving the motorhome a bit of understated sparkle for Louis' sake.   I've chosen this consumable tree filled with chocolate that he'll love and the big gingerbread candle that will burn down to nothing.   Red Mel has made me a wreath, bless her.  And I'll add some pretty hedgerow greenery as well as that's plentiful in these parts. There's some fairy lights that might stay put and  become a permanent feature.  That means I don't have to find storage space for many decorations after the big day.  Except a big green stocking that will be filled with sweets by Santa who'll visit the van early, on Christmas Eve morning before Louis heads off to spend time with his other family.  We'll visit mine later in the week.

For the second year in a row I'll be spending the festive two day holiday largely in the company of Clarence the Angel some nibbles and a bottle of wine that'll be a bit more expensive than usual. After popping to his dad's house to see Louis open his presents from us I'll probably head up to Dartmoor for  a ramble and then see where fancy takes me.  In the right mind frame it's the type of solitary day that I love.

My most memorable moment last week at work was when I took one of the people on caseload that I'd managed to get him into a residential home for Christmas so he didn't have the holiday season alone . 'So I'll have a proper Christmas dinner?' he asked.  I nodded and  his beam was worth all the tea in China.  This article by George Monbiot hit home last week.  It reflects the experience of many I see.  Thank goodness its only a brief transitory phase for me.


  1. What a sad (but accurate) article. 40% of children aspire only to wealth and fame? You can congratulate yourself that it's not true of Louis! Made me feel pleased with myself that we do not have a television! Not surprised that many of the very wealthy are not happy. A morning with Louis and a walk on Dartmoor sounds like a Christmas well spent...I will drink a toast to you!

  2. A sad article but this makes me even more determined to do more than I at present next year towards community. I hope your Christmas day turns out better than you anticipate...hugs Arilx

  3. Sad article but true. Like you, I cope very well on my own but I think we're the minority.

    At this time of year I always remember a casual conversation at a supermarket check-out some years ago. Longer opening hours had just been announced and there were posters and flyers everywhere proclaiming the fact. I asked the 'mature' checkout assistant if she minded having to work over much of the holidays and she replied "don't mind at all, I'm on my own and if I don't come here [supermarket] I don't talk to anyone the whole holiday". Gulp :{

  4. Hey guys. Glad I've provided food for thought. My own Christmas will be fine I'm sure! x