Thursday, 4 December 2014

Buy Nothing Day: The Frugality Continues!

By sheer accident this year I got through Saturday's 'Buy Nothing' day successfully. I forgot it was on.  Past attempts to navigate through the assigned  annual day without spending a jot have been variable as you'll see if you navigate these highlighted links.

And since Saturday there have been two other days where the purse has remained firmly closed.  That's pretty good in the run up to the festive season.  May it stay that way and most of the merriment be induced by spending time with the people that matter to me rather than indulging in massive shopping sprees.  I need my money for more important things than filling my van with tat and extra gadgets so you won't find me fighting in Tesco anytime soon.  Really, I found reports of the lengths that some shoppers will go to bag a bargain terribly sad.

It's our work Christmas do tomorrow, a dinner dance at a swanky hotel.  Even though I'm a clothes horse I'm resisting the urge to go out and buy something sparkly to wear.and instead will dig our my burgundy velvet 'dating and clubbing' dress.  I will wear a smile as well.  That should do it. Apparently there's a party of prison officers going too and my meddling colleagues are keen on matchmaking.  I think I'll give there efforts a miss and hide in the toilet at the first sign of meddling. Although I'm in danger of massive and possibly erroreneous stereotyping, I worry my free spirited little socks off.  How controlling might someone who made that career choice be!

In search of a picture for today I found this video by Gary Turk.  It used to be on the UK Buy Nothing Day website but no more  There's hope! Members of a younger generation are not all rucking over tellies.  Some might even have the similar philosophies around consumption to my own.

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  1. Burgundy velvet with a smile sounds perfect! Take the advice from Live Rich and 'live in the moment' - have a good time!