Sunday, 14 December 2014

Early Resolution

Red Mel and I had a little stroll out yesterday to the Devon Guild of Craftsmen HQ.  We haven't seen each other much lately.  She says its because she's sulking as she hasn't sold her house yet but that's not really the case.  It's just because we've both been so busy.

The exhibition at the moment is Make 14: Contemporary Crafts for Christmas showcasing a load of different artists.  They do a similar one every year and I love it.  It's always such a googly eyed feast and a source of incredible inspiration that will give me some material for a couple of posts at least.

Today I thought I'd focus on one person whose lino cuts blew me away.  Cathy King, is a printmaker and is a member of Exeter's Double Elephant print workshop.

Now if I lived somewhere with bigger walls this might have been the one that I'd have bought to adorn them.  The composition is marvellous and so much thought has gone into getting all those different colours and shading into the print. Although the picture is of a barge boat at Topsham, a little port near Exeter, it also takes me back to childhood and reminds me of the glorious barges that moor up at Maldon in Essex.

This third print that was on display was inspired by the book 'Snow Flower and the Secret Fan' which tells the story of sisters living in 19th century China.  It sounds like one to go on my 'Must Read' list.

Seeing these beautiful works has given me a great big kick up the backside.  Moving into the motorhome, helping Louis with the transition into his new school, rehab after surgery and getting to grips with Masters study has taken up loads of time in 2014.  I will make space for a printmaking course early on in 2015. There!  That's not a bad resolution to have.


  1. Those prints are lovely...I bought a book on lino cutting earlier in the year...maybe I'll look out a printmaking course too! You hardly deserve a kick up the backside, with all you've had on. Still, something just for you, for fun is a good plan, though perhaps you're looking at it as a work related activity.

  2. Could become work related later down the line. For now just want to get to something I find mentally teasing and fun x