Sunday, 21 December 2014

For My Favourite Niece!

Charlotte, at Books Overlooked, is  my favourite niece by default as I only have one.  The first time I met her I kicked her in the head! She was two and a half and, as a wannabe aunt trying to impress, I was demonstrating how to do a roly-poly.  She got too close and foot-bonce contact was made. Thankfully it did no lasting harm. Today she is beautiful in many different ways.

Maybe in 2015 she'll tend to her blog more often.  If she does she can update it and say that she has now finished her studies and is a fully fledged chartered librarian.  Whoop whoop!  I am as proud as punch.

As an early virtual present, Charlotte, I want you to give you hope that there may be a future for the local libraries that we both love and value so much.    Over the last few weeks your younger cousin has become totally addicted to them and is now fully maxxed out on his ticket.  'What's not to like' Louis said.  'Free books!'  He begged to visit two yesterday in Totnes and Newton Abbot and gave the counter staff lots to do, finding him books to help him complete his history homework and reserving what seems like the entire collection of Bart Simpson picture books.  He reads them quickly so they're not keepers anyway.

This is what he found me too.  A brilliant  'gift' from the library staff.  It's a wrapped up book that aims to encourage me to try something that I might not have chosen myself.   My Christmas day reading sorted.  Now that's what I call a good present!


  1. Libraries truly are marvels. My daughters favorite place second to a book store. The scent of new books gets her fingers tingling.

  2. What a great and thoughtful son you have,,,,I love libraries,, but must confess I have not been to our local one for some time.

  3. What a great present...good thinking, Louis...wonder what it is??