Sunday, 28 December 2014

Guess Who!

I came across the ultrasound of Louis the other day when sorting out my paperwork. .When I  was told that I was having a boy I was secretly pleased to have been let off the hook as far as all that My Little Pony and Barbie nonsense was concerned. Give me a squirty Nerf gun over a dolly any day!    As the mother of a blue one I've always thought that they're far more cute than girls.  Illogical, I know but I'm well aware that a bit of bias has crept in.  I offer  heartfelt apologies to the mothers of daughters out there.

In leafing through old photos at my parent's house yesterday I've found this one from the '60s that's changed my mind. Here's a terribly photogenic girl baby in the arms of Auntie Chris on her wedding day. Yes, it's me.  Even though I say so myself, wasn't I completely edible?

As an out and out tomboy who still has some pride in that good old fashioned tag, it's probably the last time that I was dressed in something quite so girlie.  My dresses and skirts today are far less lacy.  At the risk of looking like mutton dressed up as lamb I think it needs to stay that way. Totally loving though how my baby self demonstrates how a cropped hairstyle can be so, so feminine!


  1. cute baby photo complete with booties.

    Havent wedding dresses changed over the years.