Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Missing Bloke Alert!

In early December a chap from South Wales called Paul went on one of those adult weekends to Butlins, Bognor Regis with a bunch of mates.   He got on really well with my truly lovely friend, Calamity Jane.  However in a strange sequence of events they forgot to swap numbers.   Apparently  he owns a boat parked in Brixham harbour and has a flashy sports car that  could involve the  letters DB.  Then again it might not. Jane's recollection is blurry.  For like me, she is not a typical Essex girl and refuses to have her head turned by any old geezer with a nice set of wheels.  We are much bloody deeper than that.

That whispering bloke hasn't worked his magic yet for me.   Aside from a very youthful barman on the rebound who I persuaded to pull me a pint after hours there hasn't been a sniff of action in my own love life.  Best go meddling in others then!  If any of you knows his whereabouts can you get him to  contact me? I swore a solemn promise that I'd find him. I know that my information is not much to go on but stranger things have happened!


  1. Hey Lovely Grey, do you know if he has a yacht with sails or a yacht as in a gin palace? I will ask my Brother his little sailor is down there. You could always also discreetly place a small chat with the guys in the marina office. Everyone knows everyone down there. They also have a notice board in the office and I think in the loo and shower area behind the marina offices.

    You could also do some slouthing in the small car park area to the side of the toilet block. and the small multi storey behind. you'd be best off asking though as not much happens down there in the winter and the yacht maybe in dry dock somewhere.

    how exciting.

    1. Great ideas! I'm pretty sure it's a bog standard yacht and not a gin palace. Was going to have a cheeky word at the marina office when I next go down there. Have also brought my post to attention of Welsh Facebook friends who's very sociable. Not really meddling. Jane is extra chuffed with my efforts! x

  2. Sounds as though Sol may have cracked it!

  3. Defo go with a card in the marina office. anything else may seem freaky.

  4. Please keep up posted on this search, I love mysteries!