Saturday, 20 December 2014

Not Going Mad

Photo: Traveler100
Readers that have been with me will recall that I normally set a budget of one hundred pounds for Christmas spending on Louis each year.  I've been looking back over my archive, in vain,  to try to find the post about my colleague who set a budget of three hundred pounds for his small daughter 'so as not to go stupid'! Well he's at it again this year buying sets of Copic marker pens at a hundred quid a shot. What the hell is wrong with Sharpies?

I suppose that I can't talk because our own budget has been blown in 2014.  I say 'our' because I share the cost of Christmas presents with Lou's dad. There would not have been a divorce if we didn't have major differences but we do agree on some things. One of them is that kids shouldn't benefit materially from a marriage break up because parents are trying to out compete each other in the gift buying stake.  That just seems plain wrong.  Aside from a few tiny bits and pieces (think Poundland here!) there is just one carefully thought out present.  There's a Kindle Fire with a rather essential protective case waiting for a certain eleven year old.  It'll be rather handy in the van where book storage space is at a minimum.  He'll also be able to take his pick of movies from Amazon Prime which isn't available on my existing Samsung tablet.

Proudly, I seem to recall that travel is one of the things that Louis values most.  In my fiftieth birthday year we want to see grizzly bears in Yellowstone in 2015.  The picture above serves as a useful reminder.  If festive spending were unrestricted we wouldn't be able to share the experiences that are more important to us than accumulating a lot of stuff.


  1. I am now a granny Christmas presents are books from the charity shop for the three grandchildren, plus money that had been invested for their future. My own daughter were privately educated that is where the money went, they and their friends said our parents are paying for our education so cannot afford designer clothes. Make children work for treats, and show them the world

  2. We have very little materially, but have a fantastic life. Like you, we can take our home with us to many, many places and experience such a variety of things. You will have a fab time in USA, I had a brilliant cruise around Norway in February this year for my (slightly belated) 50th; saw many Norwegian places, Northern Lights, did not have to cook for 14 nights, even had a bath for two nights at the beginning and end of the holiday!! I think in some ways we enjoyed it more because we live so simply the majority of the time. Only thing we are missing this Christmas (apart from the family) is mince pies (although I brought a jar of mincemeat, I forgot the baking tray) and we can't put our mini tree up as we don't have so many 'surfaces' in this 'van.

    It is good that you can still communicate with your ex - mine still likes to try to niggle me; I have to say though, you seem quite settled and confident as a single person. If I don't get the chance to comment again beforehand, have a lovely Christmas and New Year, and look forward to reading in 2015. X

    1. Have a brilliant Christmas Alison. I always like to hear from you xx