Friday, 19 December 2014

Pinky Petting Zoo

'A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place'.  That's why I've bought a lot of hooks this month.  Klaus the Knaus is becoming truly shipshape.  Except he's not a floating vessel but a motorhome.

Apart from that there's little to 'fess up to with regard to wanton spendthriftness beyond food and other consummables.  I've already mentioned the Christmas decorations and the sink plungers. But other than that.... well there are the rings.

I found this one via Stumbleupon on a page of the '21 coolest rings ever'.  And it certainly is!  I scurried off to Etsy to find one only to discover that, at £5.77, it was a must-have bargain. There you go! Resolve has gone completely out of the window.

Not only that but there was this quite frankly adorable mouse as well!  The idea of incorporating a tail into the design is genius.  There was a problem though.  I'm a jewellery snob and don't normally do base metals.  For me to wear something it has to be silver.

So I thought I'd buy the rings to make my own precious metal versions once my tool were back out of storage.  Art Clay would be the stuff to use.  So I stumped up a total of fifteen quid for the two rings including postage and packing.

And they've arrived.  For the price they're such brilliant quality that I've thrown away all preconceived ideas about base metals out of the windows and wear them with pride.  They sit side by side on my little finger. No guilty shopaholic feelings at all. Instead  I'm getting loads of pleasure from gazing at my little finger pets at odd moments of the day.


  1. I totally get where you're coming from. If it makes your heart sing....and it's not going to take up much room in Klaus is it...
    That's how ended up with purple boots from the charity shop last week and yes, an impulse buy, but I love them!

  2. Those rings are really cute!

  3. Lovely...they won't coat much to feed!

  4. The rings are adorable. I will be trying to get one for myself!