Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Reframing Laundry

Remember the other when when I was harping on about how difficult is was to do the washing here on the campsite?  Well, it's sorted and now I'd even describe this job as  a rather pleasurable experience.

Even though I've found somewhere that does service washes right beneath the office base in Ivybridge where I go for a team meeting every week, I've stuck with the facilities here.  So what's changed? Well, I've problem solved and turned around my thinking about the task in hand.

If I do a washload and divide it between two driers, rather than the one I was using before, it comes out warm and toasty, without a spot of dampness.  Okay it's a little more expensive but worth it.  There's no  worries about a damp motorhome anymore. What's more its crease-free and all ready to put away so none of that ironing.  Result!   The whole task takes a fraction of the hands on time that it did in a house.

And the laundry is THE place to be here on a site that's devoid of a bar or any other meeting place. It's where the other campsite residents hangout, albeit for a brief time.  There's all sorts here: retired people, Irish travellers, young people saving for a deposit, contractors from here and abroad, holiday makers.... Some, like me, have actively chosen this lifestyle and others have a real hankering to get back to a more orthodox way of living though can't afford to.

 'We're both chatty and clumsy' said Lou, the other day.  I'll concur with that. That laundry room isn't a place where I despair over damp bed sheets any more but is somewhere where my talkative self can flourish!  My neighbours are a right old mix, of mostly lovely interesting people.  I wouldn't have known that if I'd taken the service wash option.


  1. This reminds me of doing the washing in my college days...I used to live in a big old house with a warm cellar. I used to hand wash it all, use the spin dryer and then spend more time talking to my fellow housemates [there were 21 of us] than hanging it on the line!
    PS If you leave me a comment on my blog with your email addy [I won't publish it!] then I'll contact you and try and sort out a body parts trip. That just sounds plain wrong on every level doesn't it but you know what I mean!

  2. The more I hear about your van life, the better it sounds!

  3. What a lovely solution, easy laundry, getting to know your neighbours, making friends, win win :-}

  4. I used to use the local launderette every Sunday morning when I was first married, and saw the same people there every week. The time spent waiting for the laundry to be done passed much more quickly as we chatted.