Saturday, 6 December 2014

Rickshaws and Pig Poo

This is Dinh Cong Lon from Vietnam and she now owes me money!  Not that I'm going to be sending the boys around soon.  She's the latest addition to my Lend with Care portfolio which consists of a bunch of entrepreneurs in developing countries who've needed a bit of extra funding to give their business a boost.  They're a mixed bag and I like it that way.  There's shopkeepers, craftspeople, hairdressers and farmers among them.  My favourite has to be that I helped to fund the replacement of a clapped out rickshaw in Pakistan.  How cool is that!

This lady has an interesting story.  She farms a plot of land next to her house.  Now her living quarters are a bit smelly because she keeps pigs and we all know that they can ronk a bit.  It probably comes from rolling around in poo.  Not a nice habit.  Anyway the loan is so she can install a biogas system to convert pig waste into manure for her sugar cane and fuel for her stove.  And she gets a sweet smelling house into the bargain with not a can of Febreze in sight.

What moves me about these people is that they are asking for such small amounts to make a tremendous difference to their lives.  Dinh Cong Lon requested total funding of £369.08.  Okay, it's more than pocket money but not a huge amount in the scheme of things.    And it's not a handout. Because it's a loan you get your money back to spend on frou-frou and fripperies for yourselves or to re-invest again and again in other exciting life transforming projects around the world!


  1. Well done you :} I saw someone spending that sort of money in a supermarket last Christmas - shudder.

  2. What a great idea! I shall look them up.

  3. Wasn't it through you that I got involved last year? It is such a rewarding thing to do isn't it? I also like the fact that you start to fund someone and before the hour has past, they can be fully funded. I just wish that there was a way of getting regular updates on the entrepreneurs, just to see how they are doing.

  4. Hi Toffeeapple. I'm thrilled if you got involved because of a post I did. I wrote this one today as an American friend was interested in learning more. Reckoned if I can get at least one person involved each time I write about it then I've done a good job. Activism at the teeniest tiny end of the spectrum but still making a difference x

  5. Julie, in defence of pigs, they are the cleanest animals around, It's the conditions they are often kept in that causes them to be in their poo. They never do it by choice. Love your charity work though.

    1. Oops, Anon, you have a point! My head is too full of human suffering what with work, dementia essay on alleviating distress and words from Frankl's book on Auschwitz that won't go away. But you're right. What is sadder in this case is that it's not this woman's fault that her animals are kept in less than ideal conditions. It's the injustice of poverty that leads her to do this. Anyway thanks for making me think. I like that. And in recompense I'll do a post about nice clean pigs once inspiration strikes.