Wednesday, 17 December 2014


Even though I try to make what goes on at work  as evidenced based as possible in the proper academic sense what goes on in my personal life is an entirely different matter. All sorts of weird and wonderful stuff gets incorporated into my daily routine or discarded.  That doesn't mean that I'm gullible and open to every half baked scheme that's come my way. It's just that I know that we don't know the half of it and sometimes its hard for experiments to be designed that properly test things out.  That's why I develop my own to see what works for me.

And so it is that I'm trying 'Sizzling Minerals'.  I've sourced them on Ebay for the not inconsiderable price of twenty two pounds for thirty days supply.  The reason why I'm taking this plant based supplement?  Well, I have to say that the company's glossy marketing pamphlet didn't help their cause in any way at all.

Firstly I'll dispute that the drink that made from the soluble tablet is delicious.  I tolerate the lemon-lime version like I do when I have a Lemsip.  It's bearable but  not something that I'd take for the sheer pleasure of it.  Then there's that dubious question  on page 6. 'Did you know that approximately 98% of your body is comprised of minerals?' Eh, not in my book it doesn't.  Considering that a mineral is widely held to be an inorganic solid normally with a regular atomic structure, the fact that we're comprised of well over fifty per cent water puts pay to that claim.  And then there's the testimonial from a person with a chronic illness who stated that he no longer has to take prescribed medication after taking the minerals. That may well be the case but it could be seen as sending a dangerous message to others who  need their own medication to ensure their survival.

In spite of this, what has prompted me to give the minerals a go is that two people I know, who've suffered severe illness are taking them or a similar supplement, that incidentally costs even more. They sing their praises and are looking incredibly well.  I'm plagued by intermittent sleep problems and drops of energy that are down to the menopause.  Could such a supplement be of benefit to me as well?  I've nothing to lose by giving them a try, apart from two twenty quid that is! I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. Very interested to hear how you get on!

  2. I'm looking forward to hearing about your findings.