Wednesday, 10 December 2014

So How's It Going?

Top of the morning to you, as my Irish traveller neighbours might say, from a motorhome somewhere in a rural but terribly convenient location in Devon.  You see, I'm picking up the lingo nicely.  We've transformed the back of the van into a chillout zone by keeping the second table lowered. To make sure he's happy Louis sleeps down there as he said that it was too cramped in his bunk space  Fair dues.  After all it's his home as well and his contentedness is a priority.  He is getting a bit gangly, I suppose.  It takes just a minute to sort out the bedding each evening and morning.

In the daytime we use it way more now.  It was bit silly to have  an area that was largely redundant in a space that is small anyway. Sometimes we put our drinks on the table but on other occasions there's a bit of cushion rearrangement and a chaise longue thing goes down.  It's all very versatile and an ideal place for an afternoon snooze warmed by the sun shining through the window. Or meditation.  It lends itself well to that too.  Can you see why I don't think that we're roughing it at all?

Six weeks on and life in a house on wheels is  mainly going spiffingly though the next person who makes a peg or lucky heather quip gets it!  And no for the umpteenth time we're still not cold. That little convection heater works wonders.   Sometimes it's supplemented by a  burst of central heating when we get in but that's not often. I haven't had to buy a replacement gas bottle yet.  I reckon the cost of cooking and hot water is going to average out at under three pounds a week.

We did have a little plumbing issue over the weekend.  There was a blockage going into the grey water tank.  For a while,  I compounded the problem into something out of an episode of 'Some Mother Do 'Ave 'Em' by taking apart the pipes under the kitchen sink to see if I could find it.  That meant  a washer got temporarily misplaced and caused a spectacular leak.  Interestingly then,  the cutlery drawer filled with water every time we  washed or cleaned our teeth in the bathroom. All I need is that beret and raincoast at times.

But it's all fixed now. Drain clearing stuff from the girlie cleaning section at Trago Mills didn't do the trick so I headed back into plumbing and got a rather manly concoction with poison symbols all over the bottle. Oh and a selection of sink plungers too.  I never knew that there was more than one type and think that I got carried away by all that choice.   After a bit of heave ho-ing with a pump action one and some serious chemical action during which one of the cleaning cloths dissolved, we're sorted.  And I know for next time what to do.  All this problem solving is rather pleasing.  Oh, okay I'll admit it.  Its not quite as pleasing as acting the ditsy female and getting someone to do it for you!  That bike puncture is still not sorted.  Lou said he'll show me how to repair it but I'll have to fix it myself the next time round.  Cheeky little sod!

What do I miss?  Not much.  I did comment on how wonderful it was to have a shower at a friend's house without having to keep pressing a button to keep the water running.  And it would be nice if there was room in the ice box for both ice cream and chips. But these are minor inconveniences in the scheme of things.  At this moment in time, for all the reasons that I thought about just prior to taking the plunge and more,  this is a very good way of living for both of us.


  1. I can see you staying in your amazing van much longer than you anticipated!

  2. Sorry to be posting late again but still missing regular internet (but still read every post as i promised to do!)

    For us, I think the thing we missed most was a bath. No so much of a 'miss' when not available but when we used a Travelodge before our trip to Norway in February this year, we were like kids when we realised the room had an actual bath!

    Well done on sorting out the problems, AND getting your academic work sorted! X

    1. Really looking forward to a bath! Does that make me sound grimy? I hope not! x