Thursday, 11 December 2014

Sorry Babe!

The clue to 14 across in yesterday's Guardian quick crossword reminded me that I said I'd do something. Dirty Domicile = Pigsty!  However a commentator on my Lend with Care post the other day rightly pointed out that pigs are only dirty and roll around in their own poo if they don't have the right living conditions. Fair cop!  Of course the same goes for human beings too, literally and metaphorically I reckon.  Anyway, in order to make amends I said I'd do a pig post and it's been a pleasure.  For I like the wee beasties and get quite excited when we're heading east to see Mama and Papa Lovelygrey in Essex and pass 'Pig City' near Stonehenge. Now those guys are a really happy bunch!

What I've found out is that mothers sing to their babies. There's an island in the Bahamas where wild ones live, sunbathe and swim to passing boats to beg for food. They like to sleep nose to nose and they dream.  We all know that they have amazing sense of smell and can root around for truffles but they've also been used in lieu of sniffer dogs and to seek out mines.     If they possibly can,  they have a separate toilet area to their sleeping zone and piglets start to use it within a few hours of birth.   That told me!  Not everyone likes them though.  There's allegedly only one pig in the whole of Afghanistan and he's alone in a zoo after his partner died.  And those tails! They can be curled or straightened but pigs gets cross if they don't do the furling and unfurling themselves. Think the curly-straight scene in the Simpsons.  A curly tail denotes perkiness which must be the usual state of affairs as allegedly pigs are optimists. Except for poor lonely Khanzir in Kabul.  You could probably use his as a ruler.

Some of the facts here are taken from a vegan website. And here's where I start to feel guilty again.  Not only have I slandered an entire species in print  by erroneously casting doubt on their personal hygiene but I love pork products.  Of course if we do eat animals we are responsible for casting a thought over how they were reared. Nuff said 'cos though I try my best I am not faultless so cannot be preachy.  At Totnes Christmas market on Tuesday,  I  had a rather wonderful hog roast complete with stuffing and an caramelised apple sauce from the people at South Devon Hog Roast. Here's Lou tucking into another recent pork based meal, the sausage stack at Teign Cellars, our recently discovered favourite weekend haunt in Newton Abbot.  Okay, I might have helped him out.  And that smell of bacon.  Isn't that the thing that normally turns vegetarians back into full blown carnivores?  The thing that did it for me was lonzu, a divine Corsican  dried sausage made of tenderloin and the fact that my mum makes the best pork pies in the world (probably!).  I couldn't live the rest of my life without having a few more of them.

I'll finish with a clip from a brilliantly quirky film.  It's a lovely, life affirming song, based on a Sant-Saens organ symphony:

If I had words to make a day for you
I'd sing you a morning golden and true
I would make this day last for all time
Then fill the night deep in moonshine

This brings back good memories.  I used to sing to my own 'piglet' when he was a babe himself!


  1. Makes me feel guilty...morally, I ought to be a vegetarian...

  2. Or vegan? I'm too omnivorous though x

  3. Oh how I miss bacon and sausages and pork pies and roasted belly pork and homecooked ham with a honey mustard glaze!
    Can you tell that I often think about eating them? I then think the actuality may not be as good as the memory of them, which steers me away.

  4. Ah Scarlet. I forgot to mention belly pork. Mmm! Perfectly cooked I reckon it's as good as you remember it. x

  5. Yes, it was bacon that 'got' me after ten or more years of being vegetarian.

    What a cracking clip that is, I have never seen that film.