Tuesday, 23 December 2014

The Darkness: Part 2

My bouts of insomnia are shorter now.  The plan to make the motorhome darker than the Black Hole of Calcutta became a bit obsessve but has succeeded in lengthening the hours that I sleep.  Those undereye bags have diminished considerably and no longer represent a trip hazard.   I'm still waking early though but have been using the time to questionably good effect. It'll give my brother another bloody good laugh when he reads this anyway.

I've been trawling YouTube for self improvement.  In the wee small hours of the morning you might find me being guided on a meditative journey, giving myself a self-inflicted dose of reiki or letting some random angels do the healing for me. Does it work you may ask?  Well I'm really not sure. I'm not the type of person to band around exaggerated claims of success.  What often happens is that I fall right on back to sleep.  And that's got to be a good thing in its own right.

Last night I came across a corker.  If you click HERE you'll discover some bloke whispering hypnotically. There's a strange spooky echo on the track.   Even though I got the giggles for the first few minutes,  I now have been hypnotised to attract the perfect mate.  There you go! The lazy girl's guide to pulling.  That was a lot easier than those dating sites.  Apparently the whisperer is convinced who loves me is closer than I think.  He better come equipped with a pair of night vision goggles!


  1. Glad to hear you're getting more shut eye. My anxiety is much diminished when I get enough rest. Had wondered if I was going to stumble across that Christmas track by The Darkness when I first read your post's title!

  2. Pleased to hear you're getting more sleep. Despite your brother's scepticism, it's definitely worth pursuing the spiritual side of life...Not sure about the Hoarse Whisperer, he made me laugh and I didn't listen to it all as my husband was downstairs! Closer than you think?! Hypnosis definitely works and there might be some subliminal advertising message in there as well!

  3. I have recently started having disturbed nights too, for no apparent reason (oops, might be my age too as I am about 18 months older than your good self) I have tried to ignore it as (hubby says) I always get wound up this time of year - actually feel more laid back than ever so little sceptical about that but menopause may be a distinct possibility. I will follow your example and do some further research, but hope your insomnia continues to improve. p.s. we are all keeping our fingers crossed for success in the pulling department too!

  4. Played Mr Metrosexual the 'Hoarse Whisperer' today. He was very spooked! Suggested that the close man could be the old boy in the caravan next door. I think not! x