Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Three Giggles

Maybe it's all that academic essay writing that's making me serious but my posts have been a bit heavy over the last few days. So let's lighten up.   I'll keep it short as there's a Friday lunchtime deadline to meet and a bit more editing to do before then.  So here are three things that have made me and Louis giggle together over the last  days.

 Firstly let's have the trailer from 'Paddington the Movie' in case you haven't seen it.  As usual it gives away the best bit, the ear wax scene that had kids at the cinema screaming with laughter  as they enjoyed being totally grossed out.

And this is something very silly indeed. Childish yes.  But then most of what makes us chortle isn't very sophisticated or highbrow at all.

And finally on the way to Chagstock 2013 Louis told me about the sex education video that he'd seen earlier that day. Apparently a woman had been inspecting her lady bits with a mirror.  I nearly crashed the van!  It was only a year on when the class was repeated that it transpired that 'Miss Curious' was a cartoon character. Phew! Anyway since then Lou has not been backwards at coming forward with anything sexual. Innuendo, strange acts, I get it all.  It's amazing what an eleven year old knows these days. Some parents can't be making use of the filters on phones and tablets.  'I'd have been embarrassed to tell my mum about this stuff.' I told him after he'd shared the latest snippet of information gleaned from the playground. 'I'm not!' he replied.  I suppose that I should be grateful. His openness makes it all the more easier to talk about other handy things a boy needs to know like love and respect.

Anyway where was I? Ah, keeping it short and light! So here's a risque fact making use of  a strange coincidence that we both found funny.

Did you know that the average 'boner' uses two tablespoons of blood to become erect, the same amount that is in a gerbil?

Not a pygmy one surely?  Some inventive soul with a floppy willy, a willing pet and some kind of pump  device could make jolly good use of that information.


  1. My son at the age of 11 asked if a girls or boys only school was called a single sex school was one with girls and boys called a bisexual one? Erm no that'll be mixed son...he nearly died of embarrassment!

  2. Aah there's the difference between your son and Louis. Mine wouldn't have blushed at all. Incidentally Crafty Kerry has told me that she will never see a gerbil in the same light ever again! x

  3. Loved the earwax clip...so did my husband! There is a film worth watching this Christmas!

    1. Glad you both liked it. It's well worth seeing even if you are a grown up! x

  4. Yes we've had some interestingly direct questions from A over the years....his Aspergers means by and large he's never been embarrassed. Only on that one occasion!