Monday, 1 December 2014

'Tis The Season of The Choccy

The first of December has come around again.  Doesn't time fly when you're enjoying yourself or if there's an essay deadline to meet?  Just under 1,500 more words added over the weekend.  That's good going in the scheme of things.  After a weekend with his Dad, Lou returns to the motorhome this evening.  I'd be hung, drawn and quartered in the nastiest way known to man if there wasn't an advent calendar waiting for him.  Of course they all contain chocolate these days. In my childhood we were content with a chintzy picture behind each door.  How were we so easily pleased?  Anyway in celebration of this season of confectionery I thought I'd give you a run down of my favourite choccy treats.  Not the artisan hand crafted, ethically pleasing stuff but the bog standard sweet shop varieties that we all know and love.

10:  A new one on my radar.  I didn't like this when Lou got into them earlier this year.  Too sweet and sickly.  But you know how it is. If you're on your own and one of these is the only chocolate bar in the house there's nothing else to do but build up a bit of tolerance.  That popping candy experience brings back adolescent space dust memories.

9.  I'd much rather there was one of these around though.  That Fry's number that's like a gloopy bar of slimy soap isn't an acceptable substitute.  The turkish delight in the Cadbury's bar is much more perfumed and flavoursome.

8. Now I do like these although haven't had one in yonks. They don't seem to be standard fayre. It's that big wad of caramel that clinches it.

7. What's there not to like? A flake...but with extra chocolate. And Galaxy chocolate at that. Genius!

6.  Ah the dark chocolate bounty.  All that coconut.  Mmmm!  Well okay, if you've only got the milk chocolate ones handy I'll be a sport and wolf those down as well.

5.  There's something about the substantial nature of this bar and the contrast between the texture of the layers that makes this a gem of a chocolate bar.

4. These used to be a nice safe store cupboard bet, guaranteed to be there when I was having a Winnie the Pooh moment and decided I needed something honey-ish.  Then Lou, after turning his nose up for years, found out that he loved them too.  They don't stick around long anymore.

3.  This one nearly didn't get included on account of being too posh.  But then it's so yummy that I couldn't leave it out.  The balance of the good chocolate and those buttery pieces of toffee make this, as they say on the packet, very moreish indeed.

2. Right!  Here I get really fussy.  I love Toblerone but it has to be the big bars.  The little Quality street mimicking numbers or even the bigger Mars bar sized ones are a complete disappointment.  It's all about the size of the nougat chunks you see. I think the experts would say they have a different mouth feel which, fussy mare that I am, just doesn't cut the mustard.

1.  Ah!  This has been at the numero uno spot for a very long time indeed!  In university days, which were, blimey, over thirty years ago now, I'd head over to the local garage and get three Dime bars, as they were then, and eat them in a pop. My addiction was total and serious.  I'm a more restrained human being now so they're not a feature of my everyday diet.  However if ever I was condemned to death by chocolate, this is the way that I'd want to go!


  1. Oh yes…Dime bars. Not had one for years. Also Crunchie and Bounty were favourites over the years. I have recently been indulging in After Eights, as the pound shop has them at the moment ! They have to be straight from the fridge, as does any chocolate treat as far as I am concerned.

  2. I'm liking these! Poundland is the place to get your Toblerone at a jolly good do I know this!

  3. My list would be pretty similar, especially the dark chocolate Bounty and the Turkish Delight. Right, off to the shop.

  4. Ah...Daim's are a favourite here and the dark chocolate Bounty. But my current favourite is Aldi's packets of dark, milk and white chocolate cranberries. A Christmas special. Probably a good job!

  5. Not a bad list though I am partial to a MARATHON..ok Snickers. (Will never accept the change of name in my heart ) Dairy milk vrs Galaxy. Hmmm They have their own merits! All good.

  6. Should not write posts about choc on 5:2 days. All those extra suggestions are making me well hungry! x

  7. I like Daim bars too but I used to love Nux bars; not seen one since the seventies...

  8. oh wow Star bars. Love those. my favourite is galaxy. yum