Wednesday, 24 December 2014

True Heroism

Photo: PM
My heroes are not footballers, pop stars or blingy celebs but those who really make an extra special effort to make the world a better place.  Some, for example, are unsung carers that I've come across whose devotion to looking after someone who might no longer be able to reciprocate love goes way beyond the norm. Pope Francis has been added to the list for the simplicity of his life and his downright gobbiness. Yesterday I heard David Nott on Radio 4's PM.  Now there's a bloke who I'm truly in awe of.

I thought long and hard about whether to do this post today.  Isn't this the season to be jolly after all? Yet some things are important. The interview is lengthy, sometimes harrowing, anger provoking but incredibly inspiring.     Every year this surgeon uses his leave and takes substantial risks with his life to volunteer in war zones including Syria. His courageous actions bolstered up the stuff that's been recently running through my own head.  I like to see the good in everyone but I'm afraid there's a minority of people out there who're responsible for a whole bunch of evil.   Life isn't all about me and just nurturing my own wants and needs.  Perhaps I ought to be using more of my own time, energy, money and sense of outrage to speaking out and actively fighting the bad guys who torture, maim and kill the defenceless or more insidiously exercise power and control that blights the lives of others?

Because of the seriousness of the nature of injuries inflicted by barrel bombs in Syria, there is often little that medical staff can do that is effective.  Currently 80% of those operated on do not survive. Perhaps their work can be validated if others use their example of selflessness as inspiration for how to lead their own lives.


  1. I think that this post is spot on for this time of year...Christmas spirit is about helping others that's the true meaning for me. I'm going to do more next year than I already do. Sadly the media rarely tells us about the good that people do.

  2. David Nott's interview was harrowing, the more publicity the better...well done for highlighting it. Aril is right...the good people do deserves to be heard. We are so lucky to live in a peaceful country and I am very grateful. It would be good to know what we can do to help quell the violence in Syria.

  3. Have you seen the youtube video by Josh Paler Lin about the homeless guy. Wow.
    Merry Xmas