Thursday, 1 January 2015

Bee Gees and Beelzebub

There was a man in the West End on Tuesday outside one of the Tube Stations.  He was carrying a placard that said 'You'll go to hell'.  Except it didn't quite say that.  I know that the grammar wasn't right but I don't recall the words that he'd used.  I felt compelled to let him know that I disagreed so went up to him, looked him in the eyes and told him 'No.'  How dare he tar everyone with the same brush!

I'm trying to live a life fostering gratefulness and compassion towards myself and others.  Sometimes I get it well wrong and do my best to make amends.  Like when I called Louis a Nazi for choosing too much of his crappy boy band music in the car on the way back to Devon yesterday when I was sorely in need of some cheesy Bee Gees!  I said sorry and we ended up laughing at my choice of words. My tongue is too quick sometimes.  On other occasions it fails to speak out when it ought.  No-one is perfect but I think that there's a lot of us out there who're trying hard to be decent human beings.  Our best is good enough, I'm certain.

So heartfelt warm wishes  to you for 2015.  May this New Year bring love, meaning and purpose. Here, no goals or resolutions have been chipped away in stone.  My masonry tools are in storage after all.  Unfettered by the ties of a conventional home. I'm looking forward to taking the opportunities that are given to me,  sharing good times and laughter and overcoming probably unavoidable adversity with those who are dear to me. As in previous years  I'll be learning from my mistakes along the way.  Surely that won't condemn to me to an eternity of having my bum licked by flames?


  1. For what it's worth, I agree with you! Seems to me you are living a good life. Enjoy your blog for fun and often thought provoking comments and learning about your minimalish life in a van is an eye opener to what you really need! You come across as very real - not perfect (who is?) but genuinely trying to make a difference - the sort of person I'd love to have next door!. As you say, it's so much better to encourage people on the right path than berate them for being 'wrong'.

  2. Daft bloke! Just keep doing what you're doing....and as for getting it wrong I quite often end up apex over bustle but I'm learning that doesn't make me the worst person on the planet just fallible like everyone else. It's learning to cut yourself some slack when you'd quite happily do it for anyone else isn't it! Happy New Year....look foward to seeing you soon! Arilxx

  3. What a sad guy. Especially at this time of the year. Whatever happened to the hippies with the 'smile, God loves you!' badges?? [oh, hang on, I am still here]
    Best wishes to you and yours for 2015- love and blessings x

  4. Replies
    1. You too Toffeeapple. I look forward to reading your comments in 2015. x

  5. Hello, I have never commented on any blog before but was compelled to do so with this post. I am a christian myself and do firmly believe that the only way to heaven is to repent and give your heart to Jesus. I am not a perfect person myself and this is my own belief. I would not force anyone to have my faith and I am sorry that that guy upset you and gave the wrong impression about christians.

    1. Thank you for commenting. It is appreciated even though you and I probably never come to agreement. My beliefs differ from your own and have evolved over time from a perspective where I too was a Christian who gave my heart to Jesus. However I came to reject this stance for many reasons and I have a personal belief system which is a mixed bag that encompasses compassion and grace.

      The reason that this chap upset me was that he seemed to be universally condemning everyone in a certain place at a certain time, including, I'm sure people who share you're own beliefs. We never can know another and judge them until we've walked in their shoes. x

  6. Then on that we certainly do agree. Blessings to you and your family.