Wednesday, 21 January 2015

BOGOF - No Way!

It was Greek night in the van on Monday.  We popped to the supermarket and bought calamari, halloumi, olives, flatbread and dips.  Supplemented with some cherry tomatoes and dried French sausage that I already had in the motorhome it made a very easily prepared feast. To create the right atmosphere I popped the music from Zorba the Greek onto Spotify.  Its a tune so reminiscent of past holidays sitting in tavernas by the Mediterranean sea.  Lou wasn't keen at all and accused me of being uncool.  Maybe  I am but am getting to an age where I am past caring!

Yesterday evening I made a fish pie in the halogen cooker  for the first time with one of those supermarket mixes of cod, smoked haddock and salmon.  It was tarted up with a few prawns and topped with a very cheesy mash.  It turned out very okay indeed.

And now aside from a few leftovers that will do for the next couple of lunches and that block of everlasting parmesan, the fridge is darned near bare.  The store cupboards are looking pretty desolate too.  Good!  I like it that way.

For when storage  is limited, shopping habits  just have to change.  I don't do a weekly shop or buy in bulk as I haven't got the physical space to do so. Nor do I have every dried herb and spice known to man lurking in cupboards.  When there's not much on board it also means that I'm far more aware of what food that I already have and can meal plan around using that up more easily.   I shop little and often, buying to supplement what I've already got.   It means that I am much more spontaneous and creative about what  I cook and eat.  No I can't batch cook, take advantage of multibuys or freeze bargains from the chill compartment ahead of when I need them.  But I've got into a routine where I can knock up a delicious meal in minutes.  This new way of operating has taught me lessons that will serve me well when I move back into a conventional home!


  1. Multibuys drive me potty...all we want is ONE item at a fair price!

  2. Your Greek night sounded delicious....that one might be featuring over at GBT in the not too distant future....a Harry Potter themed meal is calling first though!

  3. I think you ought to start recording these ideas for a book. There are plenty of time-pressed people out there who would buy it! Jx