Friday, 16 January 2015

Especially for Mama, Papa and Nana Lovelygrey!

'Take a picture and put it on your blog,' instructed Louis when I turned up to collect him from Scouts the other day.  He'd spent a very enjoyable evening indeed at Dartmoor Rescue Group's base at Ashburton.  Best do as I'm told then!  There was  also this one, snapped earlier on in the evening.

What an excellent piece of kit!  I wondered if I could borrow it on evenings when Lou is being particularly fidgetty?

This would have been a great post back along when just the grandparents read my blog. They love keeping up to date with what their boy is up too.  While the rest of you can have a peep as well, this one's especially for them!


  1. Every parent should have one! He looks the part in the top photo...give him a year or two!

  2. A real BOY indeed. I just clicked on the Essex sandwich, looks yummy. I lean towards white bead, butter, ready salted crisps and a good shake of pickle onion vinegar. Toe curling crunch.

  3. Your boy is so cute. Mine were at that age, but they grew up!! I now have a cute grandson aged 2 ( and a bit) He is cute most of the time but not when he is having a 10 minute tantrum lying on the floor face down spewing out half eaten smarties !!

  4. Yeah he's the biz. I am incredibly proud of him. Pam you inspired me to have an Essex sandwich today made in an onion baguette from the Co-op with hot chicken and ready salted crisps. Yum!

  5. He is growing fast isn't he? How good to see him joining in with things.

    I must have missed a bit - Essex sandwich???

    1. Hi Toffeeapple. He's certainly a joiner-inner! The Essex Sandwich refers to an old blog post. x