Sunday, 25 January 2015

Look Where My 'Boat on Wheels' Ended Up!

Really, really late posting today as I was too busy cooking breakfast and making cuppas for the masses this morning. This was the view from the window of the motorhome this morning.  Effortlessly I unplugged Klaus the Knaus and moved  him onto the Barbican at Plymouth for the night with the kind permission of the owners of the function room at the Mayflower Sailing Club. Red Mel, Sugar Plumb and I  then pretended that we were living on a super yacht.  Oh okay, I exaggerate so let's get more realistic. It was like we were wharf side on board some dinky sailing boat.

So what was I up to there seeing that I barely know a sheepshank from a reef knot or what the pointy end of a boat is called?  Well, Salty Dog has been plotting and scheming over the last few months.  Finally, finally her brilliant new business, Sail Power Courses which allows wannabe and experienced sailors and water based motor heads the opportunity to book a wide range of RYA/MCA accredited courses online. Just the right excuse for a nautically themed party.   Here's the canny entrepreneur herself with some of the other revellers.

The venue itself has stunning views around Plymouth Sound and an amazing history.  Ivor, its owner told me that in the 1880s over 600,000 people passed through its doors on the first stage of their journey to a new life in far off lands. With such an interesting story and the added bonus that I can just fall into bed after  partying hard it seems the ideal place to have my 50th birthday do in a couple of month's time.  The deal has been done. I've booked it!


  1. Great to take your 'somewhere to stay' with you!

  2. This is the bonus of your mobile home. Jx