Thursday, 29 January 2015

My First Best Mate

Before my family moved to Southend-on-Sea which I still regard as my hometown we lived  for a short time in King's Lynn, Norfolk, not far from where my brother lives now.   At the time he was Chief Enemy No. 1.  I'd been perfectly happy as an only child and one day he turned up.  I was not impressed one bit and told my parents to 'Send him back'!

Possibly in an attempt to distance myself from the vile impostor I spent much of my time in the garden of our house.  In the absence of other children nearby, Rip, the next door neighbour's German Shepherd became my best friend. He became fiercely protective of me, getting cross whenever my mum told me off.   I remember once when the neighbours took me to the beach with him and he wouldn't let me anywhere near the sea, barring my way with his big furry body.  Every morning he'd be waiting at the fence for me and I understand that it took months for him to break the habit when we moved away.  How sad is that!  I missed him too.

What does a toddler do all day with a dog?   Well I remember chatting, showing him my unfortunately tattooed doll, playing ball and, as I could read from about the age of two and a half I told him stories.   As you do.  I came across this book the other day.  It is a bit of a mad tale memories and might have been one that Rip enjoyed.


  1. Might you be tempted to have a dog, if you weren't out all day? (Recommended!)

  2. Funnily enough no! Although I love the interactions that I have with other people's animals I don't want the responsibility of having one of my own. x