Sunday, 4 January 2015

Odd Food and Improvisation

Aaargh!  I've just deleted an entire post by accident.  Best rehash it then!

Even though I enforce a Christmas present embargo I've come back from travels to Essex and Exmouth with a whole shedload of goodies from those kind folk who are part of my life.  It seems my assurances that I'm perfectly warm and snuggly in my alpine insulated motorhome have fallen on deaf eyes.  There's a very cosy snuggly blankie with matching cushion, bed socks and a scented candle, presumably to warm my hands on should both the gas and electricity systems.  Don't they know that I'm not a Skinny Minnie because I've purposefully built up a fat layer to insulate in emergencies.  Oh no, it has nothing to good with being greedy at all!

There's was also a lot of delicious goodies to eat.  As the Second Martha Stewart and her family were flying back to the US the next day she was adamant that I should help clear the fridge and cupboards.  I came home laden with an organic pork tenderloin, smoked salmon (starring here!), marscapone, salted caramel pots from Grand Central Station's food fayre and unbelievably leftover GU desserts.  They didn't last long when they got back to the van I can tell you.

Another gift was a homemade loaf from my dad.  I thought long and hard about whether I brought a toaster along with me on my motorhome adventure.  At the last minute I popped it in storage.  Toast can be made in the halogen cooker, or more easily in a frying pan.  It's kept warm on the lid while the eggs simultaneously steam and cook to perfection with a soft yolk and lacy bottom.

Even though I've got way less gadgets and tools than in my conventional kitchen I can pretty much create anything that I would have done before.  It's just taking a bit of creativity and innovation.

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