Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Old Leonard

Now here's a revelation from Leonard Cohen's number one fan that may surprise some people.  I'm not really all that keen on some of his early material.   Not entirely sure why that might be.  The lyrics are no less poetic or thought provoking.  Maybe its because they're slightly more morose  or perhaps it's because that younger man's bitterness shines through the words and the wit is more sardonic.  A love of the older geezer's work probably reflects the fact that  I've mellowed over the years too.

Two of Leonard's old songs stand out though.  There's Avalanche, probably my favourite.  It's stunningly clever both lyrically and musically.  And there's this one.   I've was harmonising along with the version from the latest live album from Dublin at the Riverford Road bridge on the way to work during my latest in-car concert performance.  The arrangement is totally sublime.


  1. I thought I had nearly all of LC's work, but I don't know this one! Is it new?

    1. Yes a couple of months ago. x

    2. Do! It's interesting. His voice has changed again and although many of the songs are the same as on 'Live in London' (where you can hear me whoop whooping and screaming like I'm at a Donny Osmond concert!) the arrangements are different. The musicianship is of course of top quality.

  2. Definitely more upbeat than the old LC!