Tuesday, 27 January 2015

One That We Both Like

Lou's back! I know because there's way more laughter, music and chatter. The motorhome was positively rocking to the super positive vibes of Meghan Trainor when I returned from work last night.  We had a little dance and then as it's close to pay day we went out for my son's first ever Indian meal where he seemed to eat his weight in poppadoms.

This co-parenting lark is sometimes hard.  We have a 5:5:2:2 alternating pattern  over a fortnight for looking after Lou and I miss him over the long spell that he spends with his Dad.  Sometimes more than at other times.  I have to tell myself that he's happy and  the time spent along allow me to do thing that  I couldn't with a child in tow.  There's gratefulness involved too for the fact that he does have a father who, in spite of our differences, gives a damn about him.  Many don't.

I forgot to write about the card that his teacher sent him at Christmas. Organising any kid going to senior school for the first time is tricky but Louis' SPLD with the extra inattention and disorganisation that brings has made it all the more difficult.  Let's just say that I'm quite familiar with the after school detention timetable. So these heartfelt words meant the world to me and I keep them in my bag.

Dear Louis - I know its been a big jump but I'm really proud of you.  Keep trying your hardest and being the helpful and kind young man you are. - Miss W :)

Now we have our differences especially about music.  He doesn't like Leonard Cohen and I certainly don't go for some of the boy band pap that he listens to.  But there are areas where we agree. I've introduced him to Passenger, Bob Marley and the Innocence Mission.  And here's a band that we both like that he introduced to me.  In spite of my usual soft rock aversion I like 'The Script'.  Threads of wonderfully uplifting positivity run through their music.


  1. You couldn't say your marriage was a failure when you created a young man like Louis!

  2. It sounds like you had a great time last night. Jx