Saturday, 10 January 2015

People Pylons

Time for a little reminiscence today showing   how small children see the wonder in everyday objects that grown ups hardly notice.  When Louis was a baby we used to drive to his nursery via the A38. On one journey he was beside himself with excitement.  For the first time he'd spotted the huge pylons along the edge of the road. 'Back, back!' he cried out. Alas, his use of the few words in his vocabulary  to get me to turn back so that he could have another look was in vain.  People don't respond well to mad mothers doing sudden U-turns and going the wrong way up major A-roads .

I got quite excited myself when I came across 'Land of the Giants', an extraordinarily useful installation that would have crossed the Icelandic landscape.  Now I'd have made a special journey to see those guys.   Sadly the idea was never realised and remained just a design concept,in spite of  winning an unbuilt architecture award for  ingenuity.   Apparently it could be created by making just small adjustments to usual pylon design.  Wouldn't it be lovely to see similar serene figures carrying the main power lines through Devon and on into Cornwall


  1. They're lovely! May be an animal would work better (four legs might be more stable?) A giraffe?!

  2. Those are stunning. I would travel many miles to see them!

  3. I agree. Adam used to call all multi storey carparks castles when he was very small!