Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Reiki Reflections

So how am I doing?  Well, overall I'm good although my sleep is sporadic.  I'm also a wee bit stressed. Work busies up at this time of year. It's because people from places with 'Outer' in the name like Mongolia and the Hebrides come for Christmas to visit their ageing relatives, realise they've seriously deteriorated in the year since they've seen them and then swan off home, barking orders on their way out to the sparsely distributed mental health team who they believe are going to personally provide 24 hour care.   However, even though many around me have succumbed to one lurgy or other during the winter period, I've fought off those bacteria and viruses that do battle among us. Could it be that those sizzling minerals are all they're cracked up to be?  Or is there a big fat dose of coincidence here.  Who knows?  Now I've said that I'll probably be laid low by some triumphant micro-organism in the next day or two.

I've now completed 21 days of Reiki self healing at Level 1 as recommended on the online course that I purchased. I It took 23.  There were two days that I forgot to do it so I tagged an extra couple onto the end. Let's hope that the universe forgives my tardiness and it counts.  Over the time it feels as if the energy that I'm directing into my body at the various hand positions has increased.   Perhaps that's keeping those bugs at bay too.     Lou won't let me have a go on him.  He says it feels well weird but I've persuaded a friend with a dodgy shoulder to let me give her some healing.  She's still in pain but comes back for more as she reckons that the treatment eases it for a bit.  I also  checked she was thinking about analgesia, resting and  recommended that she got advice from a physiotherapist.   After all, I have my reputation as a conventional healthcare professional to maintain. This hocus pocus stuff has to be seen as a adjunct to, rather than a replacement for conventional medicine.

So onto Level 2. By the end of that one might I be the totally chilled individual that sleeps like a log that I want to me.  Let's give it a go and see!

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  1. Reiki... in certain situations you can't beat it! I did Level 1 years ago and use it to help myself, family and friends as the need arises. I will be interested to hear what you make of Level 2. Jx