Friday, 2 January 2015

Unscientific Studies

Most of my January will be dry. No lovely cider, beer or wine will pass my lips for twenty four days.  Boo hoo! I think coffee might be out as well. Unlike others, I'm not doing it to raise money for alcohol related charities or merely as a panacea to Christmas excess. There's a different reason.  Read on!

To counter all that  evidence based stuff that I have to consider in my master's study I've decided to laugh doggedly rigid academic research in the face in pursuing another interest.  Years ago I had a Level 1 Reiki attunement that would have allowed me to become a licensed practitioner.  For lots of reasons, it never happened. Now after receiving treatments myself  and finding them helpful it feels like the right time to explore the potential of Reiki to heal myself and others systematically, with a bit more depth.

The chap is Dr Mikao Usui who developed this system of energy healing during a 21 day meditation fest on a Japanese mountain.  His story is here.  I've listened to it as part of an online Reiki course that I'm doing to progress me through each of the three levels of training that leads to the title of Reiki Master.   So far I'm really impressed with the material.  It's a lot more comprehensive and reflective than the information that was given to me when I had the face to face training.

So my initial three days of dryness (boo hoo again!) prepares me for re-attunement at Reiki 1.  There follows 21 days of self healing after which I'll need to practice on others until I feel ready to take the higher attunements.  Not sure where this particular journey is leading me.  It just felt like one that I'm supposed to take.


  1. Things do happen when the time is right for us...if we allow them to.

  2. Well, you know what they say - if it feels right, do it. I do admire you doing two study courses at once, I would be flummoxed. I am going back to read the links now, thanks.