Thursday, 8 January 2015

Why Snowman Never Get Colds

Whilst writing this I'm clutching a bloody great piece of wood really hard!  In the last month I have not succumbed to any of the nasty lurgies that have been laying many of my colleagues low.  Could it be that those sizzling minerals, are working?  The heartily unscientific experiment where I'm taking an extortionately priced supplement continues!

Or could it be that keeping myself warm and toasty is yielding benefits?  I love my winter woollies after all. Follow this link to an article that suggests that the rhinovirus thrives at lower temperatures.  Wearing a warm scarf over the nose might just raise the temperature in the nasal passages enough to stop those little blighters multiplying.  Its probably why you never see a sneezing snowman.  Once our backs are turned they're pulling the wool up, literally, with their twiggy arms over their carroty noses!


  1. No, they throw their scaves off, to keep their carroty noses cold, as the rhinovirus thrives at warmer temeperatures.

    1. Oops meant lower! Post now edited. Only half awake when written! x

  2. You need to get out more - ha ha