Sunday, 15 February 2015

A Bit Bigger Small Space Living

Good morning one and all!  I'm writing this  post as the darkness of night is fading, to reveal a sea view. Yay!  It's reminiscent of the amazing Chillida painting that  grabbed my attention on our Barcelona trip last year.   Someone told me about the AirBnB website that offers something different from the usual run of the mill holiday accommodation.  For same cost as a moderately priced hotel room we've got the run of someone's home in Hove for the next three nights.  The owner lets her flat out when she spends time abroad and makes a bit of cash in doing so.  It's meant that Louis and I have got the chance to experience living together in a proper brick built abode complete with conventional indoor plumbing. Seems like a win-win situation all round to me.  We're so pleased with our home from home that we'll be using the website again to book accommodation in Vancouver later in the year.

So what's being back in a conventional living space like? Well I have to say that this one bedroomed flat feels gigantic! Louis immediately hunkered down into the enormous sofa to watch telly  when we arrived.    I'm enjoying having walls that have interesting stuff to look at hanging around.  This picture and the driftwood sculpture festooned in fairy lights are particularly pleasing.

I used to think that I 'needed' a three bedroomed house but now I'm not so sure.  Living in a compact and bijou motorhome has  helped me to re-evaluate this belief.  Sure, it will be lovely to be able to enjoy  the beautiful space in my Brixham home for a while but when Louis has grown up and flown the nest I smaller space livng may beckon again.  This property, that has lots of clever storage solutions and a sense of light and space has demonstrated that this idea is entirely feasible.

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  1. The AirBnB sounds a great idea. as does living with less space (though in truth, we only have 2 bedrooms and one of those is spare room, cum his'n'hers office and I work from home). Some of the 'Tiny homes' you can see on the net have amazingly cunning use of space...