Monday, 16 February 2015

A Day at the Seaside Starring Charlotte and Chris

My gorgeous niece Charlotte from Books Overlooked and her equally lovely boyfriend Chris complained yesterday as they were expecting to feature in my blog post yesterday and I didn't mention them. And I thought that they were media shy! Anyway let's rectify this today with some photos from our very traditional day out at the seaside.

Here's Louis looking for those hag stones again.  Everyone found one except me! One of Louis' favourite find was a pebble where the 'hagging' process wasn't quite complete and you can see the light through the thin layer of remaining rock.

Here's one of my own beachcombing finds though.  I was drawn to the unusual markings on this pebble and then I realised that someone had been have a laugh with some sharpies.  There's an instagram address on the bottom.  I'll get in touch with the artist when I have a mo' and see what happens.

You can't go to Brighton without going on the pier can you?  We spent some tuppences in the arcades, ate rock and drank cider in the sun.

Louis and Charlotte rammed each other, a lot, on the dodgems.

We promenaded down the seafront towards Hove.  It was a beautiful day for February and lots of people had the same idea.

We joined the peeps sitting on the beach and ate fish and chips.  I met up with String, a university chum who I hadn't seen for twenty five years.   There was a bit of catching up to do.

Souvenir time! I bought Louis his first piece of art, a laser cut paper creation from Mars Miller at Papercutz.

And my keepsake from our mini-break away?  Well I might not have found another hagstone but I do have a bit of the West Pier!

Back to our place for pizza, garlicky treats and vintage Viennetta.  Here's Chris at last helping Louis set the questions for a Kindle based quiz! A perfect end to a near perfect day. We'll forget  the bit at the end of the afternoon that went a bit pear shaped!


  1. Lovely photos LG. I'm going down tomorrow with my niece!

    1. Ah will just miss you! Heading back to Devon via Bournemouth for lunch with Mama and Papa LG x

  2. Perfect weather for you too/ What were the chances of anyone finding that stone?!

  3. I like Louis, he looks such good fun.

    1. He is, and gets more so as he gets older. Finger's crossed that this trend continues into his teenage years. x

  4. I had to look up " hagstone" …. Never heard the expression before but I have had a lovely one in my fish tank for years!