Wednesday, 25 February 2015

A Frock and a Fruit Bowl

Confession time again!  There has been a little off-piste spending here, some T-shirts to replace some tatty ones.  I can't be looking scruffy can I? After all I have the reputation of van dwelling sophisticate to keep!  For some time now I've also been looking for some lacy frou-frou garments to complete the layering look that I favour.  Asda had just the thing for a tenner and like a shopaholic I bought three in different colours.

A fruit bowl has been on my legitimate shopping list for a couple of months now.  I'm bereft of one after putting most of my pretty ceramics in storage.  But I'm fed up with having nowhere to put my apples and oranges so I've been on the lookout for something to enhance the interior decor of the motorhome.  In vain I've been scouring charity shops assisted by helpful sales assistants who, bless 'em, have foraged in their store rooms and then presented me with some of the ugliest offerings known to man.  Finally, finally I found this in Voyage, a fairtrade shop in Teignmouth, a clever and useful bowl made out of metal door locks.   It's just the thing that makes me yearn for my soldering gear so that I can have a go myself.  Also it's virtually unbreakable, a good thing when you have two of the clumsiest people in the world living in a confined space.

Although my fashion photography skills don't do it justice, here's my birthday dress that I mentioned the other day, a charity shop buy for a fiver.  My friends persuaded me that purple was my colour and anyway it wasn't really purple rather than a shade of blue, a colour that features large in my wardrobe. It's just the shape of frock that I wear all the time and I love the black lace overlay.  It won't be something that I wear once but will do for special occasions into the future.  Louis has given his approval and pronounced it pretty so it's passed the first hurdle.

Monday lunchtime saw me in the charity shops of Ivybridge trying frantically to get a headstart on the Five Pound Challenge.   Alas most of the things that caught my eye were outside budget or cannily priced. There was a gorgeous tan leather bag for four pounds, big enough to hold a file, that held promise.  Alas, the student nurse who was with me spotted it first, just the thing that she'd been looking for. It would not have done to throw her to the floor and wrestle it from her.  I am caring health professional after all trying to promote the idea of compassion in a newbie and  not Mick McManus.  So no potential profit but dignity preserved.  I'll see what bargains Totnes can offer at lunchtime today instead.


  1. Your dress is really pretty! Jx

  2. what a neat idea your fruit bowl is out of old door locks.

    Gill in Canada, your newest follower.

    1. Hi! Thanks for following. Glad you like my fruit bowl. Its been put to good use already and is full of oranges x