Friday, 6 February 2015

Boy and Bear will Not Be Communing

My head is busy, busy, busy at the moment.  Lots to do and think about.  I needed to catch my breath for a moment by looking  at a serene scene and found this monochrome beauty by Indonesian artist Elicia Edijanto. Bears happen to be one of my favourite beasties.

I'm hoping to see one or two on our Yellowstone trip and organisation is progressing well - now I've handed it over to my very able American friend.  She's planning our trip to coincide with the end of our stay so that we can watch some rutting elks! She's suggested that we hire a mini van to camp in so I expect it'll be my first experience of driving 'stick-shift' free.

Now I've heard those grizzlies see us as below them in the food chain so I'm all for having a layer of metal rather than canvas between us and them at night.  Safety will be paramount.  Louis will not be nose to nose with a bear with his face smeared with honey, I promise. Here's one we're heeding!

1 comment:

  1. The painting is lovely...but I feel it ought to be titled 'A tasty morsel'!