Wednesday, 11 February 2015


It's coming up to Valentine's Day and I have plans!  I'm going away with a gorgeous man for a long weekend to play house in a swanky pad  just off Hove Seafront.  Oh okay, things aren't quite what they seem.   My male companion is a head shorter than me, eleven years old and yep, you may have guessed, it's my son Louis.  We making a half term trip to catch up with his cousin Charlotte from Books Overlooked.   So not a romantic tryst but it's guaranteed we'll have fun.

But let's be seasonal.   Here's a post with a gooey theme.   Please listen to this beautiful version of an old favourite.  I bought the  single by Dire Straits in 1981.  Who'd have thought that thirty four years could fly by so quickly?  In my experience it's rare that a cover version cuts the mustard. I'm thinking in particular of all those  over-orchestrated sanitised versions  of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah where the  original's rawness has been lost.  However Passenger's version of 'Romeo and Juliet' with just the right amount of melancholic sweetness is spot on.


  1. Am I going blind, or did you forget the link?!

    1. Oops repaired now and up and running. Thanks for being so observant! x

  2. There's lots of dodgy versions of Hallelujah, but you can't beat the John Cale one.

  3. I think that Dire Straits album was one of my all time favourites! Jx

  4. That is a really good cover. I was quite little when this came out but my brother loved Dire Straits so I heard them a lot through the bedroom wall. I have always loved this song.

    I agree with you about Hallelujah, but I do like the Jeff Buckley version.